Update for 2.7.10

Jim Preston jimpreston at commspeed.net
Sun Feb 13 13:23:52 EST 2011

I was notified several days ago that 2.7.10 was available via the built 
in update feature. I am running pidgin on FC7 so .... I downloaded the 
repo file (again) and even did a yum clean all. Yet running yum update 
pidgin or yum update fails to find the new package.

Is the repo working correctly? If so, any pointers would be appreciated.

I am hesitant to install from source due to some many changes in the 
state of Linux and many packages now complain about outdated 
requirements. I do install many packages from source..... it the 
community thinks that would be the way to go, I will give it a try.

Thanks, Jim


Jim Preston
Preston Computer Services

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