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David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Tue Feb 15 17:38:53 EST 2011

Sean and Tonya Barkley wrote:
> I need this account for work with Quicktate but have never been able to 
> connect. It always says it is "Unable to Connect". Everything looks 
> right. What could be the trouble?

Only Quicktate know how their server is set up, and you should seek 
support from them.  Previous Quicktate workers have failed to come back 
here to say what the problem was.

If you are using an ISP from, home, it is difficult to guess.  If you 
are using it from another business, their firewall is probably 
incompatible with accessing Quicktate.

We happen to know that Quicktate use an XMPP server, but if we didn't 
you would have had to tell us.  Also, we'd need details of the OS, 
Pidgin version, and relevant (but sanitised) output from the debug window.

David Woolley
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