Can not send IM's or ADD a Buddy

David Woolley forums at
Wed Feb 16 16:46:36 EST 2011

doug reinhard wrote:
> I had trouble adding a buddy, finally it seemed to work and I 
> communicated with them 1 day.  The next time I went to IM them I got 
> this mssg : [ *Message was not sent because the system is unavailable. 
> This normally happens when the user is blocked or does not exist.* ] I 
> tried 5 times, closed and re-opened several times and nothing.  So I 
> removed them and tried starting over and now I get this mssg:  [*Unable 
> to add the buddy ********** 
> <mailto:**********>** because the username is invalid. 
> Usernames must be valid email addresses.*]  I use this email so I know 
> it is indeed valid.  WHAT'S GOING ON??

The un-named service, has stopped working with the unspecified version 
of Pidgin, running on an un-named operating system, when attempting to 
connect through an unknown sort of network connection, and no debug log 
information has been provided.

What has changed since it worked?

The first message doesn't appear to exist in Pidgin 2.7.10 - it may have 
come directly from the service, or may have been mis-copied.  The second 
message can only be produced by Pidgin when accessing the MSN service.

There have been many reports of the second problem, but I've not heard 
of a developer being able to reproduce it.
David Woolley
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