Buddylist and CJK issue

DDEO NA unclesweetshare87 at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 20 02:00:56 EST 2011

Hey all!

I've actually been having this particular issue for several 2.7 updates 
(sorry, didn't take note as to which one) and have been getting a little
 annoyed with it. So, to the issue!

My buddylist, particularly MSN list, is not displaying CJK screen names 
properly and are being displayed as rectangles with 4 circles across 
their lengths. The closest I've towards solving the issue is this ticket
 from pidgin: 


There they refer to a "pango.aliases" file. I searched my system for 
such a file but it does not exist anywhere on it. In fact, the whole 
directory where they suggest looking doesn't exist beyond the "GTK" 
folder. I noticed pidgin has since been including GTK packaged with 
their updates and followed a similar path in the Pidgin directory and 
everything exists there, with exclusion of the aforementioned pango 
file. I've tried simply downloading the missing file and place it where 
it should be and that did not work. I've also just recently uninstalled 
Pidgin with "Revo Uninstaller" and ran "CCleaner" just in case something
 was left behind. Reinstalling from there did not work.

Now, I have Pidgin installed on a system with nearly similar specs as my
 laptop and it has all files (can't remember if it has the pango file, 
though) and displays the buddylist names properly. Something went wrong 
somewhere and I haven't the slightest what happened. If it matters at 
all, I have Avast 5.1 and Comodo firewall 5.3 with Def + active. And no,
 as far as I can tell, nothing to do with Pidgin is being sandboxed.

I hope I've managed to explain my problem and steps I took to correct it
 in a clear manner. If any of you out there have a possible solution in 
mind, then please let me hear it! 

Thanks in advance!
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