Gergő Pintér pintergreg at
Sun Jan 30 09:16:04 EST 2011

I'm curretly using pidgin 2.7.9 (libpurple: 2.7.9-1) on Arch linux, and in
msn I don't have any kind of file transfer. I cannot send or receive files
(no file transfer dialog shown), custom smileys and I don't see only the
cached buddy icons (and they're not updated).
This symptom is from 2.7.7 or 2.7.8 I don't remember well.
Em... there is another wierd thing: I have ONE partner, who uses emesene,
who can send me files... Only him. Noone else. O.o (But I don't see his
buddy icon as well)

What could be the problem?

Gergő Pintér
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