Alias option changes Google Contact

Dave Warren lists at
Tue Jan 4 03:55:05 EST 2011

On Tue, 04 Jan 2011 07:37:08 +0000, David Woolley
<forums at> was claimed to have wrote:

>Gary Quiring wrote:
>> I am using v 2.7.9 on Windows 7.  When I right click a Buddy in Pidgin 
>> and select the alias feature it is actually changing the name of the 
>> buddy in my Google's contact list.  Is there anyway to add an alias to a 
>> buddy where it will leave the contact list on Google alone?
>Just for clarification, are you asking for the buddy to appear multiple 
>times, under different names?  

I'm not seeing anything that indicates he might want to do that... ?

It sounds more like he wants to assign an alias to a contact in pidgin
that doesn't sync/propagate out to Google.  I've never tested this
myself, not using Google Talk right now.

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