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Gary Quiring gquiring at
Tue Jan 4 08:43:02 EST 2011

I have contacts where the name is very long.  So I like to abbreviate the
name in Pidgin so it just shows a first name on occasion or a nickname. But
when I assign an alias in Pidgin it actually steps on the first and last
names in my Google Contacts.  I don't feel Pidgin should be updating my
contacts in the Google cloud.

On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 2:37 AM, David Woolley <forums at>wrote:

> Gary Quiring wrote:
>> I am using v 2.7.9 on Windows 7.  When I right click a Buddy in Pidgin and
>> select the alias feature it is actually changing the name of the buddy in my
>> Google's contact list.  Is there anyway to add an alias to a buddy where it
>> will leave the contact list on Google alone?
> Just for clarification, are you asking for the buddy to appear multiple
> times, under different names?  What is the use case for this?
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