Gtalk login problem

David Woolley forums at
Thu Jan 6 03:57:54 EST 2011

Paul Aurich wrote:
> As the text in the error indicatesI, this is caused when a client says "I

I read that as a hint to the user as to the most likely user error that 
would result in the diagnostic, rather than a definitive cause.  Most 
error messages assume "probable user error" (as IBM mainframe Messages 
and Codes used to say), so if it were the BIND error of the same name, 
the presumption would still be that the user had put in the wrong domain 
part and probably got not found for the SRV record.

Possibly the real problem here is that the message is intended to be 
interpreted by the client and presented to the user in a localised and 
user friendly format, and Pidgin isn't doing this.  I suspect there may 
be layering issues, in that the Pidgin HCI wants to deal with an 
abstract IM service, which has opaque user identifiers, but when things 
go wrong, the structure of the identifier matters.

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