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Gary Quiring gquiring at
Thu Jan 6 08:20:17 EST 2011

That worked perfectly.  I was bit confused about the 'thin bar'
description.  When you click the expand option it shows the contact twice
where the first one is like a header.  You right click the alias option on
that line and select alias and it does not touch the Google contact.

It would seem to me a simple change if they could just change what the alias
function calls since it does work using the expand option.

Thanks Paul


On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 11:32 PM, Paul Aurich <darkrain42 at> wrote:

> And Gary Quiring spoke on 01/04/2011 05:43 AM, saying:
> > I have contacts where the name is very long.  So I like to abbreviate the
> > name in Pidgin so it just shows a first name on occasion or a nickname.
> But
> > when I assign an alias in Pidgin it actually steps on the first and last
> > names in my Google Contacts.  I don't feel Pidgin should be updating my
> > contacts in the Google cloud.
> Pidgin (really libpurple's jabber prpl) sets the 'name' attribute for this
> entry in the XMPP account's roster, which is treated as an authortative
> set-by-the-user alias (which is what it's intended for).  It just so
> happens that (unfortunately to more than one Pidgin user) Google Talk links
> this to the Google Contact entry.
> This has been reported before to the bug tracker, and the issue may still
> be open (or might have been closed as "cantfix", I can't remember and
> didn't look).
> You can work around it by right-clicking on the buddy, choose "Expand", and
> set the alias on the Contact (the fairly thin row at the top, instead of
> the buddy).  This should set the contact-only alias, and has priority over
> the buddy's alias.  At least, I think that's what I just confirmed happens
> via testing and code inspection :)
> Let me know if that didn't make sense...
> ~Paul
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