Gadu-Gadu and jabber

eth2 eth2 at
Tue Jan 11 07:30:24 EST 2011

I've noticed that when I am using pidgin with multiple protocol
accounts it looses some functionality. For example I have enabled
Gadu-Gadu and jabber account. In Gadu-Gadu user can have 3 statuses
(available, away, invisible) and in jabber 5. For me it's mystery why
pidgin allows me to choose only 4 statuses. Can anyone explain it to

Another thing I believe might not be working properly with multiple
protocol accounts is multiple jabber resources and priorities.
Gadu-Gadu may not have such functionality but starting another
instance of pidgin(with GG and jabber) in my opinion shouldn't cause
to disconnect both jabber and GG in first client (I should be able to
configure jabber priorities somewhere -- or maybe pidgin doesn't
support it?)

Anyway, am I missing some configuration options, or maybe those
mentioned things are working the way they are supposed to?


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