Gadu-Gadu and jabber

Kevin Stange kstange at
Sun Jan 16 15:48:40 EST 2011

On 01/11/2011 06:30 AM, eth2 wrote:
> I've noticed that when I am using pidgin with multiple protocol
> accounts it looses some functionality. For example I have enabled
> Gadu-Gadu and jabber account. In Gadu-Gadu user can have 3 statuses
> (available, away, invisible) and in jabber 5. For me it's mystery why
> pidgin allows me to choose only 4 statuses. Can anyone explain it to
> me?

When you have multiple accounts active, pidgin removes the per-protocol
status and uses a generic set instead.  You can still specify individual
account statuses by clicking the "New Status" item from the status menu.

> Another thing I believe might not be working properly with multiple
> protocol accounts is multiple jabber resources and priorities.
> Gadu-Gadu may not have such functionality but starting another
> instance of pidgin(with GG and jabber) in my opinion shouldn't cause
> to disconnect both jabber and GG in first client (I should be able to
> configure jabber priorities somewhere -- or maybe pidgin doesn't
> support it?)

For Pidgin this will work for XMPP as long as your server supports
multiple connections and both connections have unique resources.  If
both of your clients of the resource set to the same thing, this will
generally prevent the account from being signed on in two places at once.

I am not sure whether GG supports multiple connections.


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