Repeat login failures - Google Talk

Tom Foley petomiro at
Tue Jan 11 21:15:03 EST 2011


Pidgin in general is working well.  Nice product.  Using it with a Google
Talk account.

The only problem so far is that it will almost never login on the first
attempt.  I'm not saving the password on purpose.

When I launch Pidgin, it asks for a password (Google Talk password), I give
it, Pidgin goes away and thinks for a minute or so, and then comes back and
asks me to login again.  No indication that the first login attempt did not
work or why it did not work.  Going through this cycle two or three times
usually results in a good login.

Pidgin version is 2.7.9.
OS is Windows 7, 64-bit.

Didn't find solutions when I did the search.  Any ideas?


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