Unable to add a Yahoo contact

Jean-Luc GARNIER (Free) jeanlucgarnier at free.fr
Wed Jan 12 07:43:23 EST 2011

Hi all and Happy New Year! 

I'm a new user of Pidgin (couldn't bear WLM anymore!) and stumbled immediately on a strange issue: 
- I'm using v2.7.9 on Vista Home SP2. 
- I'm using a Yahoo account to connect. 
- I've managed to import all my contacts from Windows Live Messenger (with some tinkering with the xml file...). 
- One of them is still displayed as "not connected" as Pidgin says "contact not found on server" (translated from French). The address is still active and I may exchange emails with this friend. 
- By the way, most of my contacts are also Yahoo users and do display properly... 

Any clue? 

Thanks in advance for any help! 

Cordialement, Best regards, 

Pour accéder à mes coordonnées complètes , abonnez vous sur TelFriends ! 

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