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Wed Jan 12 17:52:48 EST 2011

Haley Petrich wrote:
> I just downloaded *Pidgin *for a company that uses this service for 
> jobs. I followed all the instructions and made an account but it says, 

If you mean Quicktate, only they know how their XMPP server is set up 
and they should be supporting you.  This is likely to be true of any 
similar organisation.

> "Unable to connect". I can't seem to figure out why or how to fix this 
> issue. Thank you for your time.

If you really can't get support from the company, you are going to need 
to provide enough technical information. Unable to connect covers many 
many different problems.

Start with:

Your OS and version;
The version of Pidgin;
The type of service being used;
How you are connected to the internet - if this is Quicktate, it is 
probably a typical mass market home user ISP, but more complex cases are 
Any possible error messages (with passwords, etc. removed) that you get 
in the debug window when you enable it.

If it is Quicktate, please note that no-one has ever got back to us 
after the initial question, which either means that they did get support 
from them, or they gave up.  It also means that we have had no feedback 
on what the real common problems with Quicktate are.

David Woolley
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