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GioIsis ... wrote:

>  >* What do you believe to be the latest Pidgin version?*
> I don't understand what do you mean.I have 2.7.9 version.

It's not all that uncommon for people to report problems which are fixed 
in the real current version, because the version they thought was 
current wasn't.  Also someone may come across this message on the 
mailing list archive in a year's time.

>  > > I can't recieve and send files.I cant see them too.
>  >
>  >* What error messages are in the debug window (please don't quote
>  > passwords, etc.).*
> It 's not show me error message.Just only that user i chat cancel the 
> transfer.The same when the user try to send a file to me from msn 
> messenger.I cant see and he cant see also the "file transfer message" on 
> window.

The nearest matching current bug ticket I can find is:

>  >
>  > > Also i want to see the avatar of the user i chat.Is there this option?

There appears to be a problem with upper case letters in email addresses:

That's the only MSN Avatar related problem I can find.

>  >
>  >* Which service and protocol does all the above relate to?*
> I only use msn.

You didn't say that before.  How were we expected to guess.

>  >
> *> How are you connected to the internet, with particular reference to
>  > firewalls and proxies, including "transparent" proxies introduced by 
> ISPs?*
>  >
> I have adsl in my home.wireless.I don't use proxies.I don't know what 
> are transparent proxies but i m sure i have not.What i have to do with 
> firewall?

If you don't know what a transparent proxy is, and you are using a 
consumer ISP, it is more than likely that you do have one.  They are web 
proxies that are inserted by the ISP without being configured in the 
browser.  They are often not as transparent as the name implies.  Your 
ISP may have auto-configured explicit ones, as well.

ISPs often impose firewalls, sometimes simply to stop you doing things 
for which they can charge more.  However you might have been trying to 
access from your office, or school, which almost certainly would have a 
firewall, and there is a very good chance they would block MSN file 
transfers for policy reasons (viruses and copyright violations).

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