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> > Hello.I using the latest version of pidgin.I m a windows 7 user.
> What do you believe to be the latest Pidgin version?

I don't understand what do you mean.I have 2.7.9 version.

> > I can't recieve and send files.I cant see them too.
> What error messages are in the debug window (please don't quote 
> passwords, etc.).

It 's not show me error message.Just only that user i chat cancel the transfer.The same when the user try to send a file to me from msn messenger.I cant see and he cant see also the "file transfer message" on window.
> > Also i want to see the avatar of the user i chat.Is there this option?
> Which service and protocol does all the above relate to?

I only use msn.
> How are you connected to the internet, with particular reference to 
> firewalls and proxies, including "transparent" proxies introduced by ISPs?
I have adsl in my home.wireless.I don't use proxies.I don't know what are transparent proxies but i m sure i have not.What i have to do with firewall?
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