Offline buddy is not offline

David Woolley forums at
Thu Jan 20 03:00:10 EST 2011

James Hurst wrote:

> I have a problem with two of my contacts in pidgin.  It seems they are 
> in fact online and available to chat but pidgin only sees them as 
> offline.  Other users see them as Online. 

What makes them different from the ones that work?

What error messages do you get, if any, when enabling the debug window?

You need to provide the standard information for any bug report, e.g.
versions, operating systems, instant messaging services, etc.

I think I have seen this sort of problem reported before, but is not in 
the top ten recent issues, and I haven't searched the main bug tracker 
for something similar.  The last possible report was in Chinese, so 
there were problems communicating with the reporter.

> Please note that the information contained in this message may be 
> privileged and confidential and protected from disclosure. If the reader 

No it is not.  Nothing posted to this public mailing list can ever be 
confidential.  Crying confidential when it isn't may lead people to 
believe you didn't mean it when you did, but there was some doubt in the 
recipient's mind.

David Woolley
Emails are not formal business letters, whatever businesses may want.
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that is no longer good advice, as archive address hiding may not work.

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