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Paul Aurich darkrain42 at
Thu Jan 20 21:52:09 EST 2011

And Starcevici spoke on 01/20/2011 02:51 PM, saying:
> Thank you David for advice but I must ask you how do I fix the,
> "These DNS lookups seem to be fallbacks for the initial attempt, with the
> network unreachable error, so fixing that may be enough."
> I have win firewall and KIS firewall, in both i have put pidgin in trusted
> zone so I supose thats firewall is not a problem.
> Aleksandar

Whatever your computer is configured to use as a DNS server (typically
something like a home router) does not support a specific type of DNS
record called a "SRV" (short for SeRVice) record, which the XMPP protocol uses.

Your options are either:
   * Fix the DNS server (fairly vague, I know :/)
   * Set the Connect Server account option for your account to
'' (and live with certificate mismatch errors)

For more information, see
(and the question immediately following that one)


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