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Fri Jan 21 03:46:25 EST 2011

Starcevici wrote:
> Thank you David for advice but I must ask you how do I fix the,
> "These DNS lookups seem to be fallbacks for the initial attempt, with the
> network unreachable error, so fixing that may be enough."
> I have win firewall and KIS firewall, in both i have put pidgin in 
> trusted zone so I supose thats firewall is not a problem.

Paul Aurich's is probably the best advice you will get, but it is 
probable that the firewall in this case is at the Google end.

Pidgin has tried three ways of connecting, two DNS based.  I didn't 
mention one of the DNS failures, because I got the same failure when 
using the reference implementation of DNS (caching, forwarding, 
non-slave), but when summarising the error messages, you should have 
done so.

I suspect that Google officially only support the SRV method, that is 
broken in your DNS server.

DNS servers are part of your local infrastructure that depend heavily on 
your ISP and your LAN needs, and there isn't one correct answer.  The 
solutions that would more or less guarantee that you have a fully 
working domain name service are not really suitable for Windows Home 
type users.  Microsoft only supply the software for their server 
products and it may be at added cost.

David Woolley
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