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Fri Jan 21 17:56:52 EST 2011

Rene ' wrote:
>  > No, which I think is a good thing.
> sory i don't understand why having an old version of pidgin be a good thing?

Except possibly for pure security updates, and sometimes even for them, 
updates usually introduce new bugs.  IT departments, in the case of 
machines with important business functions, will often delay updates for 
months, until they are thoroughly tested in the exact configuration they 
use with the exact software they use, before releasing them for 
production use.

I'm not sure with Pidgin, but with the standard Microsoft, non-.NET 
software installation model, installing or updating a program can update 
DLLs used by other programs.  This used to be a major source of Windows 
instability, referred to as DLL Hell.

Also, it is my machine, not the Pidgin developers'.  I should have some 
control over what is on it and when it changes.

There are also good security reasons.  If the distribution machine for a 
popular auto-updated package gets compromised, very large numbers of 
machines could get compromised very quickly.

> anyway can you direct me to that plugin you mentioned plz ?

I have.  It is included, but disabled.

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