Pidgin Suggestion: Multiple Marking in Pidgin-Contact List

berufsdemonstrant at berufsdemonstrant at
Sat Jan 22 09:05:03 EST 2011

Hey ho,
Pigdin is a great program, I use it every day.

I got a question/suggestion, I didn't find anything on the internet.
I hope I am in the right place in this mailing list.

Since facebook-plugin is available for Pidgin my Pidgin-Contact list is pretty full (few hundred). So I made Contact-Groups in my pidgin. Having more than one computer brings me to the problem:
Each time I reinstall pidgin new on one of my PCs, I have to sort through a few hundred contacts putting them in the right group again.

Is there a chance that you implement a function for marking multiple contacts by clicking left while pushing the Ctrl-Key? This is standard on pretty every OS and this function on the Pidgin-Contact-List would make my life much easier, cause I could move a number of contacts into the right group pretty fast.

Or do you guys see another way to solve my problem?

Thanks so very much and thank you for keeping the Pidgin-Project alive.
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