Pidgin Suggestion: Multiple Marking in Pidgin-Contact List

David Coulson david at
Sat Jan 22 09:24:09 EST 2011

If you use XMPP/Jabber for Facebook it should automatically sort them 
based on your 'lists' setup within Facebook. No need to do anything 
client side.

On 1/22/11 9:05 AM, berufsdemonstrant at wrote:
> Hey ho,
> Pigdin is a great program, I use it every day.
> I got a question/suggestion, I didn't find anything on the internet.
> I hope I am in the right place in this mailing list.
> Since facebook-plugin is available for Pidgin my Pidgin-Contact list is pretty full (few hundred). So I made Contact-Groups in my pidgin. Having more than one computer brings me to the problem:
> Each time I reinstall pidgin new on one of my PCs, I have to sort through a few hundred contacts putting them in the right group again.
> Is there a chance that you implement a function for marking multiple contacts by clicking left while pushing the Ctrl-Key? This is standard on pretty every OS and this function on the Pidgin-Contact-List would make my life much easier, cause I could move a number of contacts into the right group pretty fast.
> Or do you guys see another way to solve my problem?
> Thanks so very much and thank you for keeping the Pidgin-Project alive.
> Greetz
> Berufsdemonstrant

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