problems transferring files

Nicolas Marino Arch. nico4d at
Tue Jan 25 04:50:45 EST 2011

Hi All, I'm new here. I use pidgin because I loathe microsoft's msn but i
have a very annoying problem with Pidgin. I cannot transfer files with it
and turns me off a big deal.

here are my details.

Pidgin (last version) on Windows 7 64-bits

--Between me and users on MSN, transfers are simply not possible, I/them
dont even realize if someone is sending a file as there is no message at
--Between me and other Pidgin users on either platform (linux/windows)
transfers seem to work initially but when they reach anywhere between
98%-100% (inclusive) all transfers fail, so basically it doesnt work either.

So what's the situation about this? I searched the FAQ and i read some
people reported the same although i have no idea about those tech specs they

Any help will be appreciated. If pidgin got this to work then it'd be just

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