problems transferring files

David Woolley forums at
Tue Jan 25 17:16:20 EST 2011

Nicolas Marino Arch. wrote:

> Pidgin (last version) on Windows 7 64-bits 

I assume you mean 2.7.9.  Google may find this in many years time and 
some people don't realise there have been updates.
> --Between me and users on MSN, transfers are simply not possible, I/them 
> dont even realize if someone is sending a file as there is no message at 
> all 

I seem to remember that there have been reports, but no-one has followed 
up with detailed debug log information (remove sensitive data).

> --Between me and other Pidgin users on either platform (linux/windows) 

Which service?

> transfers seem to work initially but when they reach anywhere between 
> 98%-100% (inclusive) all transfers fail, so basically it doesnt work either.

That sounds strange.  Again debug logs. Which direction?

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