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I'm working in a french environment. (Quebec Government)
We use pidgin 2.7.9 (french)

I must change the page where the "Help menu" (F1) point.

I tried to modify the pidgin.dll file.

In the past (version 2.5.1), I made a home Wiki in french and change the F1
link in this dll file.

In the 2.7.9 version, in the pidgin.dll, the link seems to be used
I found the link and change it but it does not work. It continu to point at
the same place.
Except for this link

By default, the link is ""
I must change that for "http://qcpopf01/pidgin/doc.htm"

How can I change this link.

Thanks in advance !

Sorry for any mistakes

Francois Emond
Technicien Informatique
Direction des technologies de l?information
Ministère de la Culture, Communications et Condition Féminine
Téléphone : (418) 380-2312, poste 7334
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