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On 01/28/2011 03:48 PM, Neko . wrote:
> Greetings,
> Don’t know how else to contact Pidgin tech about this, so here I am. I’m
> writing in regards to the message length of IMs for Pidgin. This is more
> of a feedback suggestion for a future release than a bug, although it is
> very annoying. Pidgin is the only IM system I know of that will allow
> you to type and type and type and type without ever stopping you to say
> “hey, that’s too long, cant send it”. MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM...
> they all stop accepting characters once you hit the max amount that they
> allow – for MSN its 400 characters, for Yahoo! I believe it’s a bit
> more, like 500 or so. Pidgin, however, just keeps right on going, and
> instead of not sending it at all and showing a “message is too long”
> error, it ACTS like its going to send it but then doesn’t and gives the
> error. This is very annoying because then I have to turn around and
> retype everything I just wrote and hope I remember everything I wanted
> to say in the first place.

For future reference, you can use ctrl+up and ctrl+down to browse
through previous messages you have sent so that you do not need to
re-type everything.

One of the problems with your suggestion is that we allow messaging on
some protocols for which we can't determine we've exceeded the maximum
length until after the message is attempted.  Some protocols have
effectively unlimited length.  Also, it's possible to switch between
destination screen names when using contacts with multiple screen names
in them, which would require us to handle the question of what to do
with a message that is already too long when the user for the new
protocol selection.


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