Please remove my name and link

uma pranayraghava at
Tue Jun 14 06:46:24 EDT 2011

Hi My name still appearing in the below link with following message , Please
remove this link immediately.


Hi ,

I have PIDGIN in my computer, I have created Chat room, 

1. Could you please let me know why when some one sends chat message popup
window is not coming for the members ?

2, how to create permanent members for chat group and make there id's auto
login when they logon to there computer?


Purushothama Yenumula


email: pyenu <at> 

Allstate Northern Ireland
(formerly Northbrook Technology of Northern Ireland)

9 Lanyon Place, Belfast BT1 3LZ, Northern Ireland

Registered in Northern Ireland, number NI34636 

US: 011 44 28 9034 6971 

UK: 028 9034 6971 


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