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David Woolley forums at
Sun Jun 26 05:17:26 EDT 2011

Luigi Romagnosi wrote:
> Hi, I don't know if this email is right to report a problem with pidgin.

It is an appropriate place to get help on problems using Pidgin.  If you 
have enough information to raise a bug report (which you do not appear 
to have), you should use the bug tracker instead.

> I can connect behind a proxy also activeting "use http". It is strange 
> because with emesene and amsn I can connect using this method. Any 
> suggestions?

What are "emsene" and "amsn".

More generally, you seem to be saying that proxying using HTTP works, so 
I don't understand why you have a problem.  The need to use HTTP will 
arise because of firewall policies, or sometimes because of broken DNS 

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