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Luigi Romagnosi xluigi84 at
Sun Jun 26 07:24:17 EDT 2011

Sorry my english is bad. I cannot connect with pidgin instead I can with 
the other two programs, but I like pidgin and I hope you can help me to 
find a solution. This is what happens when I try to connect:

(13:16:58) *account:* Connecting to account xluigi84 at
(13:16:58) *connection:* Connecting. gc = 0x23f0ee0
(13:16:58) *msn:* new httpconn (0x23ef1c0)
(13:16:58) *dnsquery:* Performing DNS lookup for
(13:16:58) *msn:* C: NS 000: VER 1 MSNP16 MSNP15 CVR0
(13:16:58) *dns:* Wait for DNS child 3187 failed: Nessun processo figlio
(13:16:58) *dns:* Created new DNS child 3596, there are now 1 children.
(13:16:58) *dns:* Successfully sent DNS request to child 3596
(13:17:03) *util:* Writing file accounts.xml to directory /home/user/.purple
(13:17:03) *util:* Writing file /home/user/.purple/accounts.xml
(13:17:08) *dns:* Got response for ''
(13:17:08) *dnsquery:* IP resolved for
(13:17:08) *proxy:* Attempting connection to xx.xx.xx.xx
(13:17:08) *proxy:* Connecting to with 
no proxy
(13:17:08) *proxy:* Connection in progress
(13:17:11) *proxy:* Connecting to
(13:17:11) *proxy:* Connected to
(13:17:11) *msn:* Connection error from Notification server 
( Errore in lettura
(13:17:11) *msn:* C: NS 000: OUT
(13:17:11) *connection:* Connection error on 0x23f0ee0 (reason: 0 
description: Errore di connessione dal server Notification:
Errore in lettura)
(13:17:11) *msn:* Connection error from Notification server 
( Errore in lettura
(13:17:11) *account:* Disconnecting account xluigi84 at (0x2039000)
(13:17:11) *connection:* Disconnecting connection 0x23f0ee0
(13:17:11) *msn:* destroy the OIM 0x23f94d0
(13:17:11) *msn:* destroy httpconn (0x23ef1c0)
(13:17:11) *connection:* Destroying connection 0x23f0ee0
(13:17:17) *util:* Writing file accounts.xml to directory /home/user/.purple
(13:17:17) *util:* Writing file /home/user/.purple/accounts.xml

Il 26/06/2011 11:17, David Woolley ha scritto:
> Luigi Romagnosi wrote:
>> Hi, I don't know if this email is right to report a problem with pidgin.
> It is an appropriate place to get help on problems using Pidgin.  If 
> you have enough information to raise a bug report (which you do not 
> appear to have), you should use the bug tracker instead.
>> I can connect behind a proxy also activeting "use http". It is 
>> strange because with emesene and amsn I can connect using this 
>> method. Any suggestions?
> What are "emsene" and "amsn".
> More generally, you seem to be saying that proxying using HTTP works, 
> so I don't understand why you have a problem.  The need to use HTTP 
> will arise because of firewall policies, or sometimes because of 
> broken DNS servers.

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