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David Woolley forums at
Thu Sep 1 16:54:14 EDT 2011

Wylonis, Jacob wrote:
> I can add someone to my buddy list but they always show up as offline 
> even when I know they are online. How can I fix this?

Why do people always end a request which contains far too little 
information to do anything, with: "how can I fix this"?

For a start, it may be fixed already, you might be using an out of date 
version of the software; you haven't told us the version.

Then again, it almost certainly only relates to one particular service, 
so knowing what that service was would help a lot.

This one probably isn't a firewall problem, but you never know, so 
details of the network connectivity would be useful.

Again it is probably not OS dependent, but some problems are.

As you are certain they are really online, I presume you tried to check 
this with some other piece of software (otherwise the service may 
actually be telling everyone they are offline, and you need to talk to 
the service, or maybe the user, if they have set themselves in some sort 
of "invisible" mode).  What software does report that they are online?

Finally, Pidgin provides extensive debugging information, that could 
well help work out if there was a problem with Pidgin.  It can be cut 
and pasted from the debug window in Windows, although I'm only guessing 
you are using Windows.

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No it can't. You sent it to a public mailing list with multiple archivers.

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