Spell-Checking Issues

April Grow grow.april at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 11:59:38 EDT 2011


I am a long-time user of Pidgin and recently got a new machine.  Upon
installing, Pidgin couldn't get the dictionaries from Open Office.  I
finished the installation without spell-check and followed the link to here:
manually install spell-check.

I see that Pidgin no longer uses Aspell, so that was out.  I tried to follow
the link to the OpenOffice download site listed there (
and the url timed out.

I attempted to find the dictionaries on OpenOffice's website myself and
found that they no longer offer downloads of the dictionaries directly, but
instead use new "OpenOffice Extensions" instead (


SO, my questions are these:

Can I get the en_US dictionary from you somehow to extract into my
spellcheck\share\enchant\myspell\ directory?
Or can you tell me how to use the OpenOffice extension or other library
files (that might have been inside the en_US zip) to make my spell-check

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