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If this is the wrong place to send this, please let me know. Thank you.


I use Pidgin on a regular basis and am, in general, quite happy about it.
One of the things that is a bit of a problem, though, is error notification.
I don't generally keep the Buddy List window on top of my other windows, so
when one of the clients (AIM, for example) does not connect, I am not made
aware of it. The tray icon goes to green as if everything is connected and
hunky-dory. This is frustrating, as I've missed people for long periods of
time simply because I was under the impression pidgin was connected. Would
it be possible to have an option that allows for a pop up error message if
one of the clients does not connect? That, and/or keep the tray icon in
"connect" mode, instead of having it change to Available until all activated
accounts are connected?


I most frequently use your portable version of Pidgin, and other than that,
I am quite pleased with it. The automatic logging is especially helpful.
Thank you!




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