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Fri Feb 10 12:22:02 EST 2012

General suggestions with viruses:
1) switch to safe mode and then do a system scan
2) pull the hard drive and scan the hard drive in another computer
(after making sure that the other computer doesn't "auto-run" files on
external hard drives)
3) Try 1 and 2 with multiple virus scanners:

If you don't have another computer to work with, you can always boot
Ubuntu ( and then
install clam scan (clamav in the software center).

If all else fails Nuke it from Orbit (reinstall windows).

Anyway, some of this might be rather complicated if you're not used to
it, but I'm sure you can find all sorts of guides online to walk you
through it.


On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 6:34 AM, Philip Mooney <philipmooney at> wrote:
> Hi,
> An instant message was sent to me by a colleage which contains the text
> "OMG, Is this really you".
> It contained a link, and I inadvertantly clicked on the link.
> What happened then was that my PIDGIN program seemed to automatcially send
> this same message to everyone in my contacst list, I also noticed that the
> message or link was not always the same, see below for some examples;
> omg IS THIS REALLY YOUR PIC? HTTP://BIT.LY/a5PPhG?887754714W54V46
> OMG this isn't your photo right?
> LOL this isn't your pic right?
> I have tried to remove this sing Mcaffee but with no luck, I have also
> unintalled and re-installed PIDGIN and still no result.
> Even when my status is offline, PIDGIN still trys to open my contact list
> but it cannot get past that status.
> Can you tell me how I can find and remeove this virus?
> Thx,
> Philip
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