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Fri Feb 10 14:41:57 EST 2012

Someone at my office was hit with the same issue - I'll post once our End User Support people have had a change to run diagnostics on the system.


On Feb 10, 2012, at 12:22 PM, Isaac Witmer wrote:

> General suggestions with viruses:
> 1) switch to safe mode and then do a system scan
> 2) pull the hard drive and scan the hard drive in another computer
> (after making sure that the other computer doesn't "auto-run" files on
> external hard drives)
> 3) Try 1 and 2 with multiple virus scanners:
> If you don't have another computer to work with, you can always boot
> Ubuntu ( and then
> install clam scan (clamav in the software center).
> If all else fails Nuke it from Orbit (reinstall windows).
> Anyway, some of this might be rather complicated if you're not used to
> it, but I'm sure you can find all sorts of guides online to walk you
> through it.
> -Isaac
> On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 6:34 AM, Philip Mooney <philipmooney at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> An instant message was sent to me by a colleage which contains the text
>> "OMG, Is this really you".
>> It contained a link, and I inadvertantly clicked on the link.
>> What happened then was that my PIDGIN program seemed to automatcially send
>> this same message to everyone in my contacst list, I also noticed that the
>> message or link was not always the same, see below for some examples;
>> omg IS THIS REALLY YOUR PIC? HTTP://BIT.LY/a5PPhG?887754714W54V46
>> OMG this isn't your photo right?
>> LOL this isn't your pic right?
>> I have tried to remove this sing Mcaffee but with no luck, I have also
>> unintalled and re-installed PIDGIN and still no result.
>> Even when my status is offline, PIDGIN still trys to open my contact list
>> but it cannot get past that status.
>> Can you tell me how I can find and remeove this virus?
>> Thx,
>> Philip
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