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Jennifer Clark choiceslides at
Sat Feb 18 09:06:31 EST 2012

Why do I have some people showing up as having two locations?
I had an incident a few days ago when a person used some stolen credit cards
on my website.  He was the Mahopac, NY guy listed as "Nickname" in the image
above.  I right clicked and blocked him (although I got a message saying
that it didn't work).  Ever since then, I've had random people popping up
from different locations with the "Nickname" of my thief in Mahopac, NY and
the Status of their real location.  Can you explain a little more about what
all these numbers are and how they get assigned to a user?  I'd love to
catch this guy again before he tries to steal from me, but I don't want to
accuse an innocent person because my Chat window was incorrectL
Thanks so much!
Jennifer Clark
Owner/Graphic Designer/Tech Support/Janitor
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