Can't stop Buddy List from appearing on startup

Bob Lanctot boblanctot at
Sat Feb 18 14:43:03 EST 2012

I sent that email this morning when I noticed it sitting in my outbox for
several days.

I figured out part of my problem. I had applied the "remember running
applications" in Startup Applications. Now I can clearly tell my script is
launching Pidgen because it takes a long time to run. However, sometimes
the list appears and sometimes it doesn't. I don't know what is making it
show. I'd say it's about 50/50 on startup. When I first booted my Netbook
this morning, the Buddy List appeared so the "Disable Buddy List" think is
only working occasionally.

Any thoughts?

On 18 February 2012 12:30, Ethan Blanton <elb at> wrote:

> Bob spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > I'm unable to disable the buddy list on startup. I'm running Ubuntu
> > 10.10 & before that 10.04. I've installed extended preferences 0.7
> > plugin and it doesn't work. I've written a script, as suggested on some
> > forums, to start Pidgin after 60 seconds but the Buddy List still shows.
> > Can you include a "Disable Buddy List on startup" option in a future
> > release of Pidgin? It is really annoying to have to close it every time
> > I reboot.
> 1) You're rebooting too often if this is an issue.
> 2) I don't understand the problem.  Do you want to prevent Pidgin from
>   starting at login, or do you want the buddy list to be hidden when
>   Pidgin starts?
>   If it is the former, Pidgin starts at login only if it was running
>   at logout under most DEs.  Quit Pidgin before logging out, and it
>   won't appear at login.
> Ethan

Bob Lanctot
Ottawa, ON, Canada
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obscurity." - John Locke
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