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Mon Feb 20 17:24:32 EST 2012

lolly Anthony wrote:
> Hello,i am Lolly ..i have been trying to log on my YAHOO IM into Pidgin 
> IM but its didn't work out,,,whats the problem?

There isn't enough information to diagnose this.  The debug log should 
give some hard information.  Pending that, I would assume a firewall 
restriction is blocking access, in which case, information on the route 
from your PC to the internet would be helpful.

You didn't mention which version of Pidgin.

You haven't said whether it ever worked, and whether any other client 
works from that computer.

Thanks for identifying the service, though.

For future reference, subjects should be a one line summary of the key 
characteristics of the problem.  That helps people to judge whether they 
can help, and also helps them quickly remember which problem is being 
dealt with, when there are followup messages.

David Woolley
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