Pidgin IRC nicks wildcard nick grouping

Darázs Attila darazs at
Wed Jan 4 05:34:01 EST 2012


I'm using Pidgin as an IRC client, but you know it's quite common for
people to change their nicks there.

So the logs gets fragmented, and I can't really use the buddy list
this way either (it always shows that certain buddies are offline, but
they just changed to some other nick).

Is there a way to use wildcards for people on the buddy list? For
example nick* would show nick_afk, nick_lunch, nick_happy, etc. under
the buddy "nick", and group the logs in one folder too...

I know about the method of adding all of their nicks one by one and
grouping them together, but that is not really reliable. Any plugin
that does this would be nice too, or some tricks maybe. I'm open to
any suggestion.


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