IM conversation is not opening!

Steven Gauna smcgauna at
Fri Jan 6 09:57:12 EST 2012

The dialog box is probably located off of the viewable screen area for
some reason.

Run `notepad %appdata%\.purple\prefs.xml` and search for: <pref
name='x' type='int'

You should see this under <pref name='blist'>, <pref name='chat'>, and
<pref name='im'>.  The one you're looking for is under IM.
Change both <pref name='x' type='int' value='0'> and <pref name='y'
type='int' value='0'> and then try starting it up again.

Hopefully that is what your issue is, if not, please click
'Help'->'Debug Window' and attempt to open an IM window again.  Save
that log and send it back.

On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 5:19 AM, Lisa pathak <dingmansmedical at> wrote:
> One of the computers in our office has Pidgin installed on it, but it can not open any incoming or outgoing conversation tabs. Is there any way to resolve this?
> The computer uses Windows XP, and we've found that it can still send messages, but the conversaion dialog boxes have never been able to be opened. Thanks!
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