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> Hello
> My name is Josh. Every year our group is charged with coming up a way to
> improve productivity. For my yearly improvement, I am trying to find a
> IM program that we could use as a backup when our IM server crashes,
> which is often. We use Lotus Notes at DST and our group heavily relies
> on Sametime IM to communicate with each other and various other groups.
> But it crashes on a regular basis.
> I have a list of question I have before I can turn it over to my manager.

> 1. Can PIDGIN be used commercially and if so are there licensing fees?

Pidgin can be used by anyone so long as you don't modify it and
re-release it.  If you modify the program and release it, you must also
release the source code of the modifications you have made.

> 2. How secure is PIDGIN. Please be specific.

Definitions and expectations for "secure" vary.  What are your
expectations or requirements?

> 3. I saw that PIDGIN can be used with Lotus Sametime, but will it work
> if the server in our company for Sametime is down?

Pidgin requires a server.  If your servers fails, Pidgin will not be
able to connect to it.

> 4. Can PIDGIN be used stand-alone or must there be another IM that it
> interacts with.

Pidgin can be used standalone with the Bonjour protocol, but this only
works if your entire network is contained within a single subnet.  If
not, you will need some kind of IM service for Pidgin to connect to.  If
you want to run an alternative IM service to Sametime, there are many
XMPP servers to choose from that could be run within your corporate
network and used with Pidgin.


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