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Sun Jan 15 06:05:45 EST 2012

JJCash at wrote:

> 3. I saw that PIDGIN can be used with Lotus Sametime, but will it work 
> if the server in our company for Sametime is down?

As well as the other replies you received (possibly only to the list), 
note that there are no current developers using sametime, so sametime 
support is degrading as Lotus change the protocol.

Also, in the "free" softare world, "commercial use" is ambiguous.  It 
can mean re-selling for profit, or simply use in the course of a 
business.  The GPL (the licence used) permits both of these, although it 
puts some restrictions on the former.  In particular, it does not permit 
licensing fees, although arbitrary fees can be charged for supply of 
media and support, but these only apply across a single distribution step.

> environment before printing this email and any attachments. This e-mail 
> and any attachments are intended only for the individual or company to 

This is effectively void, as you posted it to a publicly archived public 
mailing list.  It might weaken your case when you really need it.

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