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Radosław Małysa malysa.radoslaw at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 10:54:11 EST 2012

Hello, i have a little problem with my Pidgin. Sometimes he lost
connection, and after that he can't connect to my gadu-gadu account for a
while. Pidgin sometimes works a long time, but sometimes i can't connect to
my GG profile for a long time too. It was never happened before. For some
time this happens to me. I can't solve the problem, because on the net (eg.
google) I don't met the users who have the same problem. I tried regular
internet and the new one called LTE - nothing happened.

I have Windows 7 HP (64bit). And I have quite good notebook (Acer Aspire
5738G). Maybe You will be know. What's happened?
Sorry for my bad english language, I'm from Poland and i don't like
translator's help.

Pozdrawiam *Radosław Małysa*.
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