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HI all;

 Thanks in advance.

If any body can help me to configure Microsoft Online Services/ Office
communicator into pidgin.

I'm  using Pidgin
*Pidgin 2.10.1-1.fc16* (libpurple 2.10.1)

Pidgin is a messaging client based on libpurple which is capable of
connecting to multiple messaging services at once. Pidgin is written in C
using GTK+. Pidgin is released, and may be modified and redistributed,
under the terms of the GPL version 2 (or later). A copy of the GPL is
distributed with Pidgin. Pidgin is copyrighted by its contributors, a list
of whom is also distributed with Pidgin. There is no warranty for Pidgin.

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XMPP MUC: devel at

*Help from other Pidgin users* is available by e-mailing support at
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We can't help with third-party protocols or plugins!
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