Pidgin is garbage on Ubuntu 12.04

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Mon Jul 9 20:17:24 EDT 2012


I'd like to say that pidgin was my favorite messenger client on Ubuntu. But now it just a great garbage in Ubuntu 12.04 (with Unity). It doesn't work! There are many bugs that doesn't allow to use Pidgin correctly. Let me show you:

- If I open for the first time, there are any window on the screen, how can I use pidgin if there aren't window?

- Using alt+tab doesn't choose Pidgin (it doesn't take focus)

- Using the Unity dock (I mean the Unity launcher, which is on the left) to select Pidgin doesn't take focus, I can't choose the program

- Sometimes, when I open Pidgin, there are any sign that it is open, the Pidgin icon doesn't appear on Unity dock

- If I close Pidgin in gnome-monitor, then I open again, it works and show the main window

- Sometimes, if I drag the Pidgin icon to Unity dock, and after I open Pidgin, the arrow on icon doesn't appear, and appear other Pidgin icon on Unity dock

The program simply is not usable in Ubuntu 12.04, take a look in Canonical's Launchpad:

It hards to say you step to step how to reproduce the bugs in Ubuntu, I think it will be easier if you install Ubuntu and Pidgin, ans see how it works. I'm sorry if I'm a little rude, but the only thing I can think is that you do not use or test the program in Ubuntu 12.04. Pidgin is behaving like an alpha program, it should not be released for installation on Central Program of Ubuntu.

I hope one day I be able to use again my favorite messenger client.

Sérgio Benjamim

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