Steven Gauna smcgauna at
Wed Jul 11 16:19:06 EDT 2012

Connection Security should be set to "Require encryption" when connecting
to port 5222.  "Use old-style SSL" is for use on ports 443 and 5223.  Other
than that, I don't see any issues.

Try changing this setting and connecting again, if that fails please
provide a debug log by clicking on ( Help -> Debug Window ) within the
Pidgin application.  Then click on ( Accounts -> Manage Accounts ) uncheck
the checkbox next to your Gtalk account and wait a couple of seconds, and
check the box again to reconnect.  After the connection fails, save the log
to some place on your computer and then attach it to your next response so
that we can further look into the issue.

Hope this helps!
Steven Gauna

On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 11:23 AM, Carrie Smith <carrie at> wrote:

> Hi
> I tried it all and it still wont connect to google.
> Attached is a screen shot of my advanced settings.
> Please let me know how to sort this
> thankx
> Carrie C. Smith
> Accounting Manager
> PetFlow, Inc.
> 1140 Broadway
> New York, NY 10001
> (347) 344-6284 x 238
> Carrie at
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