pidgin support messages formatting

Ethan Blanton elb at
Mon Jul 16 17:36:43 EDT 2012

auto59872302 at spake unto us the following wisdom:
> 	When I look at these messages for Pidgin support using Windows Live
> Mail newsreader program with the gmane account at
> gmane.comp.gnome.pidgin.user, every one of the messages starts out
> with all the message headers at the beginning of these messages,
> making it necessary for me to scroll down before getting to the body
> of the message? None of my other accounts set up in this program do
> this, and this account does not do it in the other programs, only in
> Windows Live Mail, which is the one I prefer to use for this purpose.
> It is inconvenient and annoying, and I wouls like to find a way to
> prevent it if possible.

I have no idea what you're talking about, really, but what I took away
from it is:

1) You don't like the formatting of Pidgin support list emails,
2) You're reading them through gmane,
3) You're using some sort of Microsoft software to do this.

We don't support gmane.  We don't use gmane.  We don't support
Windows Live Mail, nor use it.  I suggest you sign up for the support
list using an email address, and read it in a traditional mailreader.

If one of my conclusions is wrong, please clarify and we will try to


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