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Fri Jul 20 03:53:07 EDT 2012

On 7/17/2012 8:23 AM, Mark Palen wrote:
> We are in a corporate environment and use Pidgin for those of us who 
> want to IM.  We had an incident where one of our lady's AIM account 
> was hacked and the avatar was replaced with a very indecent picture. 
> When she sent an IM to others within the office this picture came up 
> as her avatar.
> Pidgin has worked very well for us, however, is there any way to block 
> the avatar?

What if the "hacker" decides to send indecent pictures out via file 
transfer, or sends dirty messages, will you disable those features as well?

A better approach might be to avoid having your accounts compromised, 
and when it happens, to deal with it as quickly and appropriately as 

There's no way to disable avatars.

Dave Warren

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