skype and gamespy arcade IM networks

David Woolley forums at
Mon Jun 25 02:43:24 EDT 2012

Zeb Cameron wrote:
> Why not just add skype and gamespy arcade IM networks?

The Paypal payment link and blunderbuss addressing to functional 
addresses makes me wonder if this is genuine.  The presence of sales@ 
indicates a total failure to understand the nature of Pidgin.  However, 
as a serious reply:

Pidgin contains code for protocols not services.  Facebook and Google 
are special purpose aliases to the underlying XMPP protocol, because of 
their extreme popularity and lack of user understanding of the nature of 
the underlying protocol.  Many other protocols are unique to one service.

If gamespy uses a standard protocol, in particular XMPP, then nothing 
needs to be done to Pidgin.  Either you or gamespy need to publish the 
configuration parameters.

If they use a proprietary protocol, you will need to provide a pointer 
to where technical details of the protocol can be found in the public 
domain (from a confidentiality point of view).  You will then need to 
convince an existing or new developer, that it is a good use of their 
skills and time to write the code to work with that protocol.  As a 
minor player, if they are not using XMPP, they probably don't want third 
party clients, like Pidgin, to be used.

If you don't know what the protocol is, you can't really expect existing 
developers to know.

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