skype and gamespy arcade IM networks

David Woolley forums at
Mon Jun 25 03:13:52 EDT 2012

David Woolley wrote:
> Zeb Cameron wrote:
>> Why not just add skype and gamespy arcade IM networks?

I missed the reference to Skype.  Skype fails on this point:

> If they use a proprietary protocol, you will need to provide a pointer 
> to where technical details of the protocol can be found in the public 
> domain (from a confidentiality point of view).  You will then need to 

The Skype protocol is a trade secret.  The only way of accessing it is 
through the Skype API, and that is incompatible with the GPL licence 
used for the Pidgin code, at least from a political point of view (it 
would require Pidgin developers to develop and supply non-GPLed code).

There is an independent Skype plugin.  I don't know if an how that 
resolves the licensing issues.  It is often possible to create a helper 
program that interfaces to a proprietary library and then provides a 
public interface.  However suppliers of proprietary libraries often 
outlaw that.

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