Messages not coming through

David J. Pennoyer pennoyer at
Mon Jun 25 10:46:16 EDT 2012

To whom it may concern:
I'm using
*Pidgin 2.7.1*(libpurple 2.7.1)
It has been working great and I use it from my AIM, Yahoo, Skype and 
gmail (XMPP)
Starting last night messages from the others that I am chatting with are 
not coming through.  This is especially true with my SKYPE but I'm not 
sure about the others as I haven't talked to anyone yet.  When I open up 
SKYPE I see that some of what they say comes through but not all.  They 
will make one comment and it comes through but the next one does.  
Sometimes they all come through for a few minutes and then at other 
times nothing comes through.  I sure would like to fix this up if 
possible.  I'm using Skype Version
I use this daily as I travel and have to keep in touch with family and 
Thank you for your help.
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